Front of bottle with explanation that the supplement supports memory increases focus and eliminates brain fog

Hemp Brain Waves™

Your destiny is not failure. Become the hero that you are meant to be. Maximize your focus, motivation, and clarity. Give your memory the boost it needs, and eliminate morning brain fog.

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  • One Month Supply Per Bottle

    With 30 servings per bottle, count on one bottle to get you through the entire month (or even longer if consumed only on work days).

  • No Proprietary Blends

    While many companies in the nootropic space choose to hide their ingredients, we have taken a very different approach. We provide full transparency with the ingredients and amounts that are in our product.

  • Certified Non-GMO & Vegan

    Our product is proudly made in the USA in a FDA & GMP certified lab, tested, and guaranteed Non-GMO and Vegan.

Competitor comparison chart showing how Hemp Brain Waves is better than Alpha Brain and Qualia Mind

The chart they don't want you to see

With no expense spared, our ingredients are unmatched in quality and per serving quantity.

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Student standing alone looking at a chalkboard in a lecture all

Don't fail. Get the edge to ace that test!

Few things are worse than knowing you can do better in class but being unable to summon your brain to the task. Give yourself the edge you need to be your best!

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Poker table with pocket aces showing

Stop losing. It's time to win that tournament!

Got a long day of poker ahead of you? Unable to focus to the best of your ability? It's time to snap back to your full self!

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Bottle of hemp oil with tincture

Hemp extract: a key ingredient that the competitors are missing

We sourced premium broad spectrum hemp extract to increase internal calmness. With internal calmness increased, the ability to focus improves. And the combination of the hemp extract with the powerful nootropic ingredients is a beautiful thing.

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